Mortgage Profitability, Earnings and Repurchase Activity

Bank Mortgage-Banking Earnings

Chart ranking institutions by noninterest income from sale, securitization and servicing of 1-4 family mortgages.

4Q18 Data (Top 100)

3Q18 Data (Top 100)

3Q18 Data (Full list - 550 institutions)

2Q18 Data (Top 100)

2Q18 Data (Full list - 531 institutions)

1Q18 Data (Top 100)

1Q18 Data (Full list - 604 institutions)

4Q17 Data (Top 100)

4Q17 Data (Full list - 615 institutions)

3Q17 Data (Top 100)

3Q17 Data (Full list - 611 institutions)

2Q17 Data (Top 100)

2Q17 Data (Full list - 608 institutions)

1Q17 Data (Top 100)

1Q17 Data (Full list - 631 institutions)

4Q16 Data (Top 100)

4Q16 Data (Full list - 827 institutions)

3Q16 Data (Top 100)

3Q16 Data (Full list - 813 institutions)

2Q16 Data (Top 100)

2Q16 Data (Full list - 781 institutions)

1Q16 Data (Top 100)

1Q16 Data (Full list - 784 institutions)

12M15 Data (Top 100)

12M15 Data (Full list - 857 institutions)

9M15 Data (Top 100)

9M15 Data (Full list - 827 institutions)

6M15 Data (Top 100)

6M15 Data (Full list - 813 institutions)

1Q15 Data (Top 100)

1Q15 Data (Full list - 769 banks)

4Q14 Data (Top 100)

4Q14 Data (Full list - 753 banks)

3Q14 Data

2Q14 Data

1Q14 Data

2013 Data

2012 Data

2011 Data

2010 Data

Early Look: Mortgage Banking Results

Originations and mortgage banking income results for five megabanks (Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, US Bank, Citigroup). Includes volume for most recent six quarters and sequential change.

2Q17 Data

4Q16 Data

3Q16 Data

2Q16 Data

3Q15 Data

2Q15 Data


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