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Stay on Top of Changes in Mortgage Regulation and Compliance

Just as the dust settled on all the new mortgage regulation required by the Dodd-Frank Act, a change in leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has put all the existing rules in question once again. The end result may be easing of regulation, improved guidance and an overall more accommodating approach to business. But the change could also mean a fresh need for mortgage-related companies to revise processes and revamp technology settings. Or it could lead to an increase in regulation and enforcement of lending and servicing at the state level.

You need trusted reporting on current regulations, enforcement actions and pending changes in order to know where and when your compliance efforts need updating. You need Inside the CFPB, the one industry publication dedicated to following the twists and turns of mortgage regulation.

As a subscriber, you’ll know what changes are in the works for regulation, when and how it will impact your business and how others are handling (or mishandling) it. You’ll be able to better plan how to stay within the lines without unnecessarily sacrificing business. You’ll know how the authorities are enforcing regulations and how to stay clear of crackdowns and lawsuits yourself. In fact, your entire year of Inside the CFPB is likely less expensive than one conversation with your attorney should a suit even be threatened.

Every two weeks, you will receive early intelligence on sometimes conflicting legal and regulatory issues and findings so you’ll be well prepared for any new rules or changes. With Inside the CFPB you’ll...

  • Monitor changes to HMDA (and fair lending), RESPA, Dodd-Frank and more,
  • Know what’s coming down the pike and what it means for your business,
  • Refine your strategy for dealing with regulators, press and investors,
  • Find solid analysis of major regulatory trends in the industry,
  • See what strategies other executives are using to ensure smooth compliance,
  • Keep up with laws, agency developments, court cases, and important state initiatives,
  • Follow enforcement actions, including state AGs’ involvement,
  • Optimize the use of your time spent on regulatory issues,

Inside the CFPB is published biweekly, 25 times a year. Click here to start your subscription.


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