Mortgage Directory

The IMF Mortgage Directory is a comprehensive roundup of the companies—bank and nonbank; huge and small; national, regional and local—that originate mortgages.

This unique database pulls together carefully sourced data on each lender’s physical locations, company relationships, and key personnel.

Using the IMF Mortgage Directory, you can:

  • Uncover a company’s complete footprint, including headquarters location, branch offices, parents, subsidiaries and sibling companies.
  • Connect with each lender’s key mortgage personnel with listings that include name, title, phone and email.*

The IMF Mortgage Directory includes more than 11,000 lending entities and 120,000 office locations. Among the more than 20,000 contacts, you’ll find leaders with such job titles as CEO, president, chief lending officer and VPs, EVPs and SVPs of lending, mortgage operations, and retail banking. With filters for lender size and type, branch and headquarter state, lending volume, and lending type, you can whittle these larger numbers down to manageable groups that perfectly fit your research needs.

The full resource is available as a powerful interactive database. Smaller subsets may also be purchased in spreadsheet format.


Selection options

(Making multiple selections in the same grouping will expand your search, while adding selections from another group or groups will narrow it.)

Peer Group:

  • Agency: Can be further filtered to narrow to housing finance agency, farm credit system institution, Federal Home Loan Bank, state-owned financial institution and/or Puerto Rico credit cooperative.
  • Bank: Can be further filtered to narrow to community bank, midsized bank (less than $10 billion in assets), large bank (between $10 billion and $50 billion), mega bank (greater than $50 billion) and/or foreign-owned bank.
  • Credit Union: Can be further filtered to narrow to credit union or CUSO.
  • Nonbank


  • Headquarter state
  • Branch state

Lending volume:

  • Top 1000 lender

Lender type:

  • GSE issuer
  • Ginnie Mae issuer
  • FHA direct lender
  • VA direct lender
  • USDA direct lender

*Approximately 80 percent of contact records contain email address and approximately 20 percent contain phone number.

Accessing the full interactive version of the IMF Mortgage Directory requires the ability to read a Tableau .twbx file. Download the free Tableau reader here. All searches may be exported from Tableau to Excel or CSV files and other export formats.

Selection files are delivered as Excel spreadsheets.

The terms of use for the Mortgage Directory database as well as selection files allow for sharing of data within an enterprise, including the uploading of data to an enterprise database.


Choose the data set that best suits your needs:

  • The full interactive database lets you explore the information again and again to find data on a set of companies or one particular firm, with the ability to vary your choices each time. Your purchase includes the initial download plus three quarterly updates delivered within the first 12 months after purchase...$5,000
  • Top 1000 Lenders. Select Branches ($2,000) or Contacts ($1,500)
  • Nonbanks. Select Branches ($1,400) or Contacts ($850)
  • Credit Unions. Select Branches ($2,500) or Contacts ($750)
  • Banks. Select Branches ($500) or Contacts ($3,000)
  • GSE Issuers. Select Branches ($2,000) or Contacts ($1,900)
  • GNMA Issuers. Select Branches ($1,100) or Contacts ($500)
  • FHA Direct Lender. Select Branches ($2,000) or Contacts ($1,650)
  • VA Direct Lender. Select Branches ($2,000) or Contacts ($1,650)
  • USDA Direct Lender. Select Branches ($1,750) or Contacts ($1,500)
  • Interested in a selection not shown here? Call for pricing and to order.


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