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January 11, 2019 - Inside Mortgage Trends

Mixed Views on Impact of CECL Accounting Standard

Industry analysts are divided on how the Current Expected Credit Loss model accounting standard will impact mortgage lending by banks. The model, established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board in 2016, is set to take effect in 2020. The accounting standard will apply to loans held in portfolio. It requires upfront recognition of credit losses using long-term economic forecasts but doesn’t allow upfront recognition of future revenues associated with a loan ...

January 4, 2019 - Inside MBS & ABS

Ginnie Mae’s Accounting Woes Continued in FY 2018

Ginnie Mae again failed to correct an accounting flaw in its financial statements, prompting the Department of Housing and Ur-ban Development to withhold its opinion on the agency’s 2018 financial statement for the fifth consecutive year.

December 10, 2018 - Inside the CFPB

Cost-Benefit Analysis Likely a Focus of New CFPB Leadership

The CFPB is seeking an assistant director to head the office of cost-benefit analysis, indicating that the agency going forward would focus on the economic implication of its activities.


Do mortgage lenders really need a new credit-scoring model or is the current FICO system adequate?

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